Welcome to my blog and thanks for checking it out! I thought it would be fun to share with family and friends.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

We're Moving

Dining Room
Jack and I signed the lease today and paid the security deposit on a little house in Ferry Farms.  All the kids  do not know so shhhhh.....

Kitchen, the fridge will be here

Bathroom - the only one, with no closet!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Some thrift store finds

$1 each for the little shelves and only $2 for the end table which I think I'm going to fix up for Ross and Mason's room.  Ohhh...how I wish they had been here for Halloween.

Happy Halloween

Cale LOVED his costume and hammed it up as usual.

So much fun

This old chest has been around for longer than I have.  I remember it in my parents room with blankets inside and clean laundry piled on top.  It's been in my garage for more than a year so I thought I'd fix it up and actual use it.

After a little sanding I sprayed it with gray primer and then sanded some off around the edges.  Then I sprayed with black spray paint and then sanded some more.  After it was dry I put on a coat of tung oil (I wish I skipped that part because it made it too shiny but I thought it would make it more durable)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Goodwill is Great


Not bad for $6

What to put on top?

This is what I have today.  But I'm off on the sizing.

 When I got this cabinet about 8 years ago it was forest green and dark wood...So i painted it black and it was in my dining room for about - well forever.  I recently re-finished a family piece of furniture for the dining room so this had to go.  So to the garage it went and there it sat for a couple months until I could decide if it was going to be given away or re-purposed for our home.

I thought it would be good if it were just the bottom so I started taking it apart and here's what I came up with!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010

No Showers...

Ross and Cale had a good time last night at the dance.  When I went back to pick them up they were actually dancing.  They didn't take showers but they did change clothes and put deodorant on.  

Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Friday

It's Friday...a well needed Friday...and I only worked 2 1/2 days this week...  I had a killer cold - turned sinus infection.  Still not feeling 100% but looking forward to 2 days off work without being sick.  I think we should take our sick days when we are feeling food and the weather is nice so we can enjoy them and go to work when we're sick. 

Cale and Ross (hopefully) are going to a middle school dance at the Lions Club tonight.  It's a drop them off, sign them in and pick them back up type event...kinda cool for them.  I am excited that they are growing up a little and can do things like this.  Excited but also a little nervous, no reason in particular just a little nervous.  They will be just fine - I know!  Hum...I wonder if they are going to want to take showers and dress nice?  We shall see.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Do you have any idea how many shots it took to get just one where everyone was at least looking at the camera?
The 6 fingers up is because Mom MADE him because it was the 1st day of 6th grade
SO this is a bit late as Cale just started his 4th week of school!  The first day of a new year at a new school.  Cale wasn't so nervous but I would say I was.  I was anxious for a fresh start for him after just a little termoil at MM Pierce.  

...alarm set for 6:00am :( ouch!!  Clothes on, new shoes shiny and tied, teeth brushed, hair done (yes, I said hair done - this is 6th grade you know), breakfast ate and headed outside for the traditional 1st day pictures.  Took a few and asked Cale if he wanted me to walk to the bus stop with him...No - of course, I knew the answer before I asked but for some reason just felt the need to hear him not needing mom at the bus stop.  So I followed him to the end of the driveway and then realized that I couldn't see to the end of the road where the bus picked him up at so I started walking behind Cale.  He turned around a few times and finally asked are you following me...my reply, not really...a few more steps and "mom, are you really going to do this?"...I guess I should stop following my grown up 6th grader.  

Friday, August 27, 2010


My lovely sister Samantha called me yesterday to tell me I spelt something wrong in a post!  I love ya sis, but we all know I can't spell and I haven't figured out the spell check on here yet. 

I've been to the mall a couple times in the last 6 months and everytime we go I see these sneakers by Reebok that tone your legs.  So they look cool and I think I want a pair.  I tried a pair on at Dick's this past weekend and I, of course, need a wide.  I was on the Reebok website today to see if I could get a wide pair and was reading about them and they had a typo! 

Hey Sam, I think you should call Reebok!  HeeHee!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My quest for "What's for dinner"

Everyday around this time I start to think about what's for dinner.  Not that I'm hungry, because I just ate lunch, but because I start to think about the rest of the day.  Where are the kids, who has practice for what, who needs to get  picked up and what's at home for dinner because if I get there and their isn't anything I HATE to go back out.  So as it very often is, today I'm coming up blank...the fridge and freezer are full but I can't think of a single thing for dinner so I start to think of what I need to stop for on my way home.  What seems like my daily trip to Harris Teeter always starts this way.

Because I thought it was cool!

So I thought I'd start a blog...just to write down some of my ideas, maybe share some pics but mostly because it looks cool.