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Monday, September 13, 2010

The 6 fingers up is because Mom MADE him because it was the 1st day of 6th grade
SO this is a bit late as Cale just started his 4th week of school!  The first day of a new year at a new school.  Cale wasn't so nervous but I would say I was.  I was anxious for a fresh start for him after just a little termoil at MM Pierce.  

...alarm set for 6:00am :( ouch!!  Clothes on, new shoes shiny and tied, teeth brushed, hair done (yes, I said hair done - this is 6th grade you know), breakfast ate and headed outside for the traditional 1st day pictures.  Took a few and asked Cale if he wanted me to walk to the bus stop with him...No - of course, I knew the answer before I asked but for some reason just felt the need to hear him not needing mom at the bus stop.  So I followed him to the end of the driveway and then realized that I couldn't see to the end of the road where the bus picked him up at so I started walking behind Cale.  He turned around a few times and finally asked are you following me...my reply, not really...a few more steps and "mom, are you really going to do this?"...I guess I should stop following my grown up 6th grader.  

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